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Friday, September 29, 2006

Bakit Umuulan Kapag Bumabagyo? O Bakit Malakas si Milenyo?

Blabberings on Milenyo, the UAAP Finals and a little about love..

I am flabbergasted by how powerful the typhoon Milenyo was. Grabe! The night before the storm broke loose, I was still with Xi, Jmee, Mingu, Yan, Kuya Tupe, Gianand our AA Alumni, Ate Jade and Kuya Roy. Nag-inuman pa kami sa Tapsi. God! Akala ko no biggie pa yung storm, kasi parang drizzle lang yung nafeel namin last wednesday. I said to myself pa nga so overly excited naman ang mga tao kasi they were texting people that suspended na ang classes because of the storm.

Then I was just shocked when I woke up, finding our house swaying to the tune of the winds! Nakakatakot talaga! Kapag nasa second floor ka kasi nang house namin, you'll really feel the power of the winds (and not to mention hear it, as in! maririnig mo talagang pumipito ang hangin!) Grabe! The floor out by the main way of our house was so wet. Buti nalang hindi basa yung kwarto ko, kaya I managed to sleep through the whole ordeal.

And I was laughing at the thought that the night before, a friend was still asking me to pass the message that the Game 2 of the UST-Ateneo UAAP finals was still on. Grabe! Even I was shocked at what he said, kasi nga everybody was texting me that the game was already cancelled. So I texted him, "Hindi naman kaya tayo bagyuhin sa Araneta?" and he just answered with a thrifty "I hope not.." Well, so much for that! Buti nalang hindi ako tumuloy sa balak ko na pumunta don nang maaga, dahil if that was the case, I would have spent the night at Gateway! Hahaha!

Pero syempre, sad parin.. It's been almost a week since I got my maka-UST attitude burning. As in! I'm like a roaring time-bomb of School Spirit, ready to explode with an ear popping "Go USTe!" cheer when poked! No joke! I guess ngayon nalang nanaman kasi ako talagang na-soak sa ganitong feeling, of supporting something with all your heart. The last time was with Artistang Artlets, and I must admit, hanggang ngayon e ganon parin naman.. :D

At syempre, sad din ako dahil nacancel ang UAAP game dahil hindi ko nakita si Ang Rex. Well, sa mga nakakaalam nang tungkol kay Rex, I guess wag nyo nalang akong i-judge muna. First, I'm not doing this because I'm trying to win him--I'm so past that stage of flirting. I'm doing this kasi gusto ko siya, pero not in the way you would expect. Siguro he serves as an inspiration for me. I like him and I know he wouldn't like me back in the way I want him too. I guess ganon talaga yon. But rather than feeling low about it, I'd rather support him and his cause.

Hello?! Sabi nga ni Shiela--There are just so much fish in the sea.Tanong ko lang: E nasan kaya siya? Hahaha.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Heartbreaks, Disappointments and A Yellow Jacket

The last second is repeated
Every moment slow in speed
We were humbled
I cannot look
I cannot take
Such mockings from a crowd of blue

The sea of yellow is silent
Thinking how miracles could happen
Not for them
Not for us
Not for me

Your eyes still linger
But yours was a glance
Mine was a gaze
You were too far
You were too distant
You were too impossible

The paint on your face
Yellow and black
Covering a fair skin
That my touch shall never share

I have fallen
Again and again
Now I'm falling again
Into a sleep with no dreams
I'd rather be still
I'd rather be silent
I'd rather be here

I wish I had a yellow jacket
Much like yours
I am cold
I was cold
I will get use to the cold

I hate to admit
I'm stupid
I knew you were not bent
Yet I still ask
Hellos are not meant
For insensitivity

I was always hopeful
I was always dreaming
I was always naive

I was always for you

The images are fresh
I am already stale
I like you very much
But I guess, (take my guess for facts)
I'm just someone you wouldn't
Ever give a fucking damn about

For you? Does it matter?

What? Tsk...

I am a slave for the king.

The end is always silent.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Night That Is Over

I guess the night will come soon,
And as swift as it comes
It will be over.

The night that is over
I've been looking forward to a such
The night that is over
Will start soon.

I thought I shall see such a night
When everything will be done
And all is happy and cheerful
Yet I was barred from such a sight

I'm sad for the night
I'll be alone
I want the night to be over
I want the day to come... not that it matters

All is still the same.

No, some things just change.

No, some people just change.

I'd rather be alone Than be with a roomful of people Who don't want me to be there.

But still, count me as your friend I'd rather lie and look plastic Than throw away the things We had before..

We were young back then..


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Squeezing Cola From An Old Sponge (or Musings of a Sponge Cola Fan on the Transit Album)

I love Spongecola. I'm an addict. I'm obsessed. I need rehab. I love Spongecola.

But I guess when you love something so much, you hate to let go the first reason why you learned to love it. Why you wan't it. Why you're still obsessing about it.

When I found out that Spongecola was releasing their sophomore album, I was pretty psyched. It's been three years since I discovered them--I was just 16 back then. Now, I'm 19. Three full years of waiting was finally coming to a halt.

I was pretty much bummed out last Monday when I found out that the check for one of my design accounts couldn't be cleared until yesterday. I was planning big that day: I wanted to buy the new Spongecola album the moment it hit stores.

Yesterday, I finally cleared my check and I bought the CD. It was one of the moments I would never forget for the rest of my life. There I was at Tower Records, holding the new album, feeling it for the first time.

But deep within me, I was scared. I was trying to hold back. Something inside me tells me to just turn away and buy something else.

Three years had gone by and I have never been fed up with the Palabas sound. I guess that's how an obsessed fan really operates--I listen to the CD every now and then, and I still don't get tired of the sound. Even though I know every word, every beat, every tune in that album, I still find something fresh, something new, something worthwhile with every revolution of the disc.

I was scared because I didn't know whether I will still find the beat, the sound, the words which I came to love. I didn't know whether I would still feel that tickling sensation that comes from listening from the tunes. I didn't know whether I could still squeeze the cola from the sponge.

Sequels are never as popular as the originals, and I guess three years of listening to the same tunes has taken its toll on me.

The old sound has gone, buried under new beats. New faster beats. New tunes. New words. New effects. New band.

When a band somehow changes sound or turns into another thing, many people say that they're "Growing." I guess I could never use that word. "Changed" or "Reformated" may be a better alternative.

Spongecola never grew. To say that a band "has grown" is to say that their old style was inferior to the new. Spongecola was never inferior. Yes, the old sound may have been better if it was remastered or tweaked a little, but the old Spongecola I came to love was never inferior. It was real. It was down to earth. It was experimental. It was raw. It was good.

I have never felt more down with Spongecola. The last time I felt like this was when they released "Una" (which is my personal favorite and which I think should be left as a "treat" to fans).

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a traditionalist--I'm fine with change and all that. I guess I'm just missing the old Spongecola. I long for the sound which has been my natural upper for the last three years.

22, Partisan, KLSP, Neon, On The Floor, Stone's Throw, Jillian, Lunes, To the Sly and Cunning, Una, Dragonfly, Gemini, Jeepney, Closure--these were the tracks that have been with me for three years, the tracks that kept me happy, the tracks that kept me cool, the tracks that kept me loving.

When I bought the album, I told myself, "As long as I find tracks which can level 22, Neon, Lunes and Una, I guess I'll be happy." I guess Spongecola has really grown.

I guess it's not that hard to add more reasons on why you love something. I guess that's the only logical thing to do now. I have waited three years for this and I won't let anything spoil it.

I love Spongecola. I love their music. I have learned to love them before. I guess I just need to learn to love them anew once more.

Bitiw, Tuliro, Movie, The Wandering, Gunita, Do You Know The Feeling, Sa Bingit ng Isang Paalam, Myself in You, All We Need, Nocturne, Pasubali, Harapin--it's time to add new soundtracks for my life.

SPONGECOLA: No matter what you guys do with your music.. No matter what decisions you make.. No matter what sound you may produce.. No matter what words you might utter.. I'm Mark Obcena--and I'm always here to back you up.