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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Night That Is Over

I guess the night will come soon,
And as swift as it comes
It will be over.

The night that is over
I've been looking forward to a such
The night that is over
Will start soon.

I thought I shall see such a night
When everything will be done
And all is happy and cheerful
Yet I was barred from such a sight

I'm sad for the night
I'll be alone
I want the night to be over
I want the day to come... not that it matters

All is still the same.

No, some things just change.

No, some people just change.

I'd rather be alone Than be with a roomful of people Who don't want me to be there.

But still, count me as your friend I'd rather lie and look plastic Than throw away the things We had before..

We were young back then..



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