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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Once Again, There's Rain

The rain slashes
the wall of my room
I remember you
You always loved the rain
I always hated it

The wet drops fly
from every side; I feel
the cold I feel you
I miss you

I could not talk to
you; I could not look
at you

Not now
Not soon

I feel the loneliness
The water sticks to
my throat, Like the beer
I tasted last night
And once again I'm drunk

The closet door is
open, I want to get in
I want to hide
But you'll just know I'm there

I don't want to move
At least not now;
I'm still unsure
No music is playing
No Yael to cheer me up

The talks are over
I have already confessed
But I cannot have communion
Not now; not with you

I'm searching for something
else; But my heart yearns
for you; Time is running--
Not out but fast

I wish I was not bent
If that was I wouldn't be
confused; I don't want to rush
into you; I don't think
I can take that

You're special to me
But I also like sticks
Not just mountains and valleys
But I like you beyond any of that

I want to be with you
Although I long for something else
Something beyond the rain
Something beyond the waters

I love you, but I'm afraid
I'm afraid to approach something,
I might regret later
I just don't want to hurt you...

Because I'm just not ready yet
And I don't think you are too

A year will pass and
I will know
And you too will know
I will just be here
I just hope you're still there

The rain slashes outside
I feel the cold
I feel the sadness

I wish I could feel you too..



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