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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why were still Unhappy

Happiness is the goal of every human being. But like everything else we want, happiness is something we can't ever seem to find. For all we know, happiness can be staring at us right in the face, but like an elusive bandit masquerading in the streets, we just can't see it.

Why are we unhappy? Well, it's a hard question to answer. But I believe that our unhappiness lies in our basic nature. We are human and humans are rarely happy. It is imbedded in our being, it is in our existence. Whether we like it or not, we may never be happy as long as we are human.

This may be a hard thing to swallow, but it is somewhat true. But what is it in our humanity that makes us unhappy? Well, it's our basic instinct to want, and it is this basic instinct that drives us to our unhappy state.

In a world without dreams, without desires, without hope there will be no loss nor pain nor unhappiness. Wars will not be fought for we do not wish to be victorious. Struggles will not arise for we will all be contented. Love will flourish because we are at peace.

In that world, whether we fail or we win we will not be unhappy because we never wanted to win or to lose anyway. Everything that comes in our way will be welcomed, and therefore happiness will be found no matter what.

But a world without dreams, without desires, without hope is not a good world to live in. Without dreams or hope or desires everything will be worthless, everything will be passable, everything will be nothing to us. It is our struggle that gives everything its value. We esteem too lightly what we get too cheep.

We as humans will never be happy. We will never be fulfilled. We will never stop dreaming or hoping. But in a sense, it is our unhappiness, which drives us to want more and to find more, which in turn makes us happy. For every victory, for every dream fulfilled, for every desire obtain, we become more happy. And even though there is a gamble and we may fail, in the end we still find joy in our own sadness.



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