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Sunday, July 16, 2006

We're All In Love... With Ourselves

I woke up so tired today, my head still hurts while I'm writing this blog. I guess the overnight last Friday is still taking its toll on my body. I don't even think I'm really okay--my nose is getting kinda runny and my throat burns like hell, which means I can't enjoy smoking--something that I'm a bit thankful for...

We're all in love with ourselves, that's the title of this post. This is the main idea of the new script of the group where Gabchilog and I spent our friday night. Of course, this was never a new idea; the same thought has been used in one episode of CSI.

If I say that we are all in love with ourselves, im not saying that we're all vain and narcissistic. It doesn't really work that way. Being in love with one's self doesn't mean staring at the mirror all day, whispering compliments and trying to realize how perfect we really are..

Think about this: if you were to think of a perfect lover for yourself, how would he or she be? What would be his or her interests, beliefs, philosophy? What would he or she like?..

For most of us, the idea of a perfect lover is someone most likely to be ourselves. Someone with the same interests, beliefs or ideas. Someone who will want to do the same things with us. Someone who will laugh at the things we also find funny, cry with those we find sad. Our basis for the ideal lover is ourselves.

Which brings us to an interesting problem: we are all so unique, that to find someone just like us will only lead back ourselves.

No matter what we do, no one can be exactly like us. No one can share everything that we are. The ideal lover we all wish for exists only in ourselves.

But instead of this being a problem, this creates and opportunity for us. Yes, we can never find the pegs who will fit in our holes perfectly, but we can find people who won't. If you and your lover are so similar, there would be no thrill, for you would know everything about him or her and there would be no room for anything new. Man is curious by nature, and it is in discovery that man finds him happiness.

We are all in love with ourselves. Unfortunately, we cannot love ourselves like we love our lovers. That, my friend, is just creepy.



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