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Thursday, January 10, 2008


For a moment, imagine yourself finally taking a deep breath after ten hours of continuous computer programming. You finally finished ninety-percent of the project you were struggling to complete before the year ended—which you couldn't because of the multitude of new DVDs you keep on buying every two days.

You opened Safari, which you believe is the best browser around (while not downplaying Firefox), and you navigated to your blog. Everything seems in order. The posts are still there, the cool theme you created still works fine, and look here! There's a new comment.

And then you notice something very weird. So look again. No, this is not induced by the ten cups of coffee you had within the hour, nor the funny video about Whitney that Misterhubs posted four days ago (which you were only able to read the night before). You shriek in horror.

Yes, you haven't updated your blog for almost two months.

In the swirling confusion that haunted the air in that moment, you quickly opened notepad. You stared at the blank white background and tried to think of something to write. But because of your NADD, you struggled first to come up with a nice title—something unique, something weird, something that comes in a single word. And finally, after 30 minutes of quiet conversation with yourself, you opted to name your post by turning the perfectly valid noun hiatus into a linguistically improper verb.

Welcome to my world.


Yes, I know that it seems as though my blog has been deserted. Contrary to what you might have heard, I didn't loose my typing hands during New Year's eve over a freak accident that involved three roman candles and some petroleum jelly. I have just been so busy over the past two months that I couldn't push myself to stop for a while and open my word-processor (Yes, I use notepad—it's cool) to create a new post.

I guess it'll be too late to create a year-ender post or a new year's post. So I'll just do what I normally do when I see a blank piece of paper—I'll write a list of posts I should have written over the past two months (which I didn't).

  1. Rizal (Rizal at Blummentrit)
    Summary of Post: The Artistang Artlets play where I played the lead role. The most dramatic (in more ways that five) AA play ever and a whole lot of fun.
  2. Barely Little Christmas (Christmas 2007)
    Summary of Post: Even though I didn't receive (nor give out) any gifts, even though I didn't join the AA Party, even though I didn't attend UST's Paskuhan, even though my most hated person in the world didn't send me his Christmas greeting, this is one of the best Christmas I ever had.. ^_^
  3. Karaoke (Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year)
    Summary of Post: A very intimate description of the multitude of songs, vocal styles and artistic interpretations I learned from using the big, bulky, videoke machine my folks rented for two weeks.
  4. And There (Year Ender)
    Summary of Post: My year ender which should have included a gist of my whole year and the list of my top ten most influential people of 2007. Bloody brilliant!
  5. Bombshell (New Year's Post)
    Summary of Post: Details of how the hottest guy from our block almost turned to cinder—all because of me. (Hint: it involves a cigarette and a five-thousand-piece Judas's Belt).
  6. And Here (Year Starter).
    Summary of Post: My year starter which includes a list of resolutions, wishes and goals. Bloody stupid.

So there, everything that you and I both missed. Hope you're happy. Don't worry, I have already prepared my 2008 Christmas, Year Ender and my 2009 New Year's and Year Starter posts so I won't miss anything this year.

And finally, I just wanna say that the Hiatus period is over. I'm done hiating (hiatusing just sounds wrong), so everyone:

Tadaima! I'm Back!



At 6:51 PM , Blogger MISTERHUBS said...

I can relate. There are just days when I can't seem to put words in a blank page. So what I do -- post videos and hunk photos. Hehe.

Glad you're back! :-)

At 2:54 AM , Blogger the nomad said...

welcome back! we missed you.

it's the Nomad's turn at hiating. I have to find my inspiration muna (which can refer to a Someone or a Something), then I'll be back.

cheers to more posts! =)

At 2:47 PM , Blogger thesocialcritic said...

nice blog design :D i lurve it.
mag eenjoy ako dito :D

welcome back to blogosphere.

ill add u to my links.


At 5:05 PM , Blogger kalansaycollector said...


At 9:43 PM , Blogger Abad said...

woi, you're back! happy new year.

At 11:57 AM , Blogger Electric Itlog said...

@Misterhubs: So that's your technique.. Hmm.. So the next time you visit this blog and see a video or pictures of hunky non-Japanese dudes, you'll know who gave me the idea.. ^_^

@the.nomad: yeah, I read it from your blog.. Awh.. I'll miss reading your posts..

@thesocialcritic: Thanks for visiting.. Glad you liked it.. ^_^

@kalansay: Congratulations din..

@Abad: Happy new year too! ^_^

At 11:07 PM , OpenID empressmaruja said...

Mare, ano'ng nagyari sa layout ng blog mo? Bakit...wala?

At 11:04 PM , Blogger Lewis N. Clark said...

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