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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten Things

Here's a list of ten things about me I probably haven't told you before.

  1. When I was young, I believed that my sole destiny was to become a priest. I would often lead prayers during family gatherings and I was the "most religious" kid on the block. And although I no longer subscribe to the Catholic faith, I still dream, every once in a while, of performing mass and giving an ass-kicking sermon.
  2. I'm a DB Alumnus and I'm the only one from my campus who can claim that I did it with a batchmate inside the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs Office. Yup, I'm that adventurous. It was class hours and the Assistant Principal was making rounds while the Student Council Treasurer, another Batchmate and I were in the office. My other batchmate got horny--and apparently, horniness is very contagious. So we did it there, with the SC Treasurer (who is a close friend) on the lookout. Thank god my friend had clear eyesight. We finished our, uhm, "student affairs" just before the Assistant Principal finished his rounds.
  3. Currently, I have around two-hundred books in my collection, of which only twelve are fiction. I have 43 books on graphic design and the arts, 16 books on programming, 30 books on different sciences, 19 books on linguistics, 20 general reference books and 61 books on religious studies. (Not to mention around two-thousand plus Digital Books.) Total estimated price of all printed books is around a quarter of a million pesos. And yes, I have read less than half of them. ^_^
  4. I suffer from N.A.D.D. or Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder. As there is no known medication for this illness, it seems that I'm doomed to live with it.
  5. I was once banned from Timezone Glorietta after I got into a fight with another gamer there. I probably would have kicked his ass, had he not invoked the help of six other men. (Hello? A gang of three gay men against seven "rappa-gansta" dudes? If only it was in bed.)
  6. I was voted-off once from my High School course session. While the teacher was blabbering away about connecting to a database with an ActiveX control, I was busy speaking with my seat-mate regarding the cute guy a year ahead of me that I was eying during lunch. The next thing I know, my teacher was asking my classmates, "Who would like your talkative classmate [refering to me] to leave the room?" Apparently half of the class raised their hands. I stood up, walked to the door. And before I left the room, I turned around, faced my classmates and said, "Okay lang, because I already know what he's talking about. I'm sure I will pass this course.. Are you as confident as I am?" I left the room and I slammed the door.
  7. I don't have a sense of time and a sense of dates. I could wake up on a Wednesday at around 2pm and think that it's 10am on a Monday. Thus, I'm a big loser when it comes to time management, and that's my biggest weakness.
  8. I have a knack for forgetting the important stuff and remembering the trivial ones. For instance, don't expect me to remember your birthday or your phone number. But I can tell you the first text message you've ever sent me and the every small detail of the funny story you told me the other day.
  9. I get all giggly and girlish every time I watch a cheesy romantic comedy. You'll see me laugh, cringe and cry. And speaking of movies, the last Harry Potter flick is the sole reason why I will never-ever return to Trinoma again.
  10. I am addicted to typography, typefaces and fonts. Don't ever ask me what my favorite font is, unless you want a two-hour lecture on the history of fonts and why I despise certain typefaces. I once became so afraid of this addiction when I correctly pointed out which paragraph was set in Times New Roman from a text rendered in twenty similar fonts. And weirdly enough, a beautiful sans-serif font can put me in an orgasmic state.

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At 1:27 AM , Blogger poor java boy said...

hyskul ka palang.. ehem, maingay ka na.

ingles uli!

At 12:46 PM , Blogger MISTERHUBS said...

Re: #2. Good for you. I was such a prude in high school. Sayang. There were so many opportunities and so many cute boys. Hehe. If only I can turn back time!

Re: #3. That's a lot of books. Back in college, I wanted to become a graphic designer too. Sigh.

Re: #4. Me too!

Re: #10. I can't write a blog post unless I'm using Trebuchet. I've tried other fonts but it just doesn't work. Weird.

At 4:10 PM , Blogger kalansaycollector said...

infairness yung iba ditey alam ko na. ;p

and sige nga ano ang unang text message ko sayo? ano? ano? challenge to ha! wahaha

At 7:28 PM , Anonymous xienahgirl said...

font history?
and the one
where you were banned
at timezone?

i can relate
in number 7-10.

At 9:36 AM , Blogger the nomad said...

learned many things about you from this post, father mark (bless me). dami mo pala libro, wish i had that many.

meron din ako nung NADD. and i like it. and your fascination with typefaces is commendable! 20 similar fonts! =)

At 8:56 PM , Blogger Abad said...

Ang ganda ng layout! lol @ no. 4. I have ADD, seryoso.

At 12:19 AM , Blogger Manong Ebs said...

di mo parin ako nililink. :c


At 7:57 AM , Blogger Electric Itlog said...

@poor.java.boi: hahaha.. yeah right.. tahimik na nga ako eh..

R2: Those were the days talaga.. Hai, I wish could go back to HS too.. :D
R3: Woah? Talaga? Ako naman I wanted to be a lawyer.. ^_^
R4: I think we should form an org..
R10: The bulk of the text in this blog is in Trebuchet.. I like the font only when it is rendered less than 12px.

@Kalansay: The first message you ever sent me is a message regarding a meeting, since we weren't really that close before.

@xienahgirl: Thanks for dropping by.. Yeah, it's cool--in a weird "im-banned-from-timezone" kind of way.. Link exchange?..

@thenomad: Hahaha, Father Mark? Bless you my son! Wahahaha.. If you could only see the number of typefaces I have installed on my pc..

@Abad: Thanks.. Talaga? ADD? Hmm, kami kasi NADD lang eh.. Pwede kaya kaming maconsider as a subset group?.. ^_^ Link exchange?..

@ManongEbs: Okay, sorry. Hahaha.. I'll add you up na..

At 9:19 AM , Blogger Abad said...

ok, nalink na kita. :)

At 4:56 PM , Blogger goddess said...

"gigly and girly"..


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