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Monday, March 06, 2006

Learning to Love Pink

I used to hate pink. Maybe it's judgmental. Maybe it's stereotypical. But there was always something in me that loathed the color. For me, Pink was a poor alternative to red--which I hated even more. Pink was, somehow, the embodiment of all that is evil for me.

But my acceptance and eventual love for pink happened because of some strange event. One night, while toying with my beloved old PC (may it rest in peace), I decided that I needed a change of wallpaper. So I opened Photoshop and started making a wallpaper. After preparing all settings, I was now prepared to design the wallpaper. I was staring at the blank area and I came to the conclusion that it was as blank as my mind. I had no ideas. I had no inspiration. I had nothing.

My best works come to me in my dreams. Call it psychic, call it supernatural, but the best designs I come up with visit me during my sleep. But I didn't have time to sleep. I had to change my wallpaper now! So I decided to "explore" and see what designs I can crop up.

After deciding that the background color shall be black, I was now in the brink of despair. I didn't know what forecolor to choose, nor did I have any good ideas. So I decided that the best thing to do now is think logically--I closed my eyes, moved and clicked the mouse a few times and pressed enter.

And then there was pink. I was shocked. I wanted to change the color, but then I hesitated. Surely there is a reason behind this, since I'm not a fan of coincidences. So I played with it.

The result was spectacular. I never knew that pink could go so well with black. Maybe it's the soft tinge of pink, or it's the light radiance. I decided to use pink, and I never looked back.

Of course, I never became a pink freak. I only have one pink shirt in my closet and my PC's current wallpaper is blue and black. But I now have a firm respect for pink.

I guess it may sound all too trivial to you. So what if I learned to love pink? How does this affect you? It wouldn't affect you much, really, except for the fact that pink will be the national color when I become president...

Kidding aside, my learning to love pink is an example of the few instances when we can learn to love something we hate. Sometimes we are all too eager to reject things when they can be good for us. Our prejudice against people, objects and situations hinder us from seeing that maybe, just maybe, we can enjoy these things we do not consider.

I am a person who is prejudiced by nature; my mind just tries to block everything hurdled unto me. But somehow, I rise above my nature and my mind and like learning to love pink, I am able to transcend every little prejudice and find something to make me feel good.

You may notice that this post is very, very trivial. Why do I spend so much time babbling and over-analysing? Maybe it's my mind trying to release tension...

...that or maybe, I just really need a lover.. :D