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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Heartbreaks, Disappointments and A Yellow Jacket

The last second is repeated
Every moment slow in speed
We were humbled
I cannot look
I cannot take
Such mockings from a crowd of blue

The sea of yellow is silent
Thinking how miracles could happen
Not for them
Not for us
Not for me

Your eyes still linger
But yours was a glance
Mine was a gaze
You were too far
You were too distant
You were too impossible

The paint on your face
Yellow and black
Covering a fair skin
That my touch shall never share

I have fallen
Again and again
Now I'm falling again
Into a sleep with no dreams
I'd rather be still
I'd rather be silent
I'd rather be here

I wish I had a yellow jacket
Much like yours
I am cold
I was cold
I will get use to the cold

I hate to admit
I'm stupid
I knew you were not bent
Yet I still ask
Hellos are not meant
For insensitivity

I was always hopeful
I was always dreaming
I was always naive

I was always for you

The images are fresh
I am already stale
I like you very much
But I guess, (take my guess for facts)
I'm just someone you wouldn't
Ever give a fucking damn about

For you? Does it matter?

What? Tsk...

I am a slave for the king.

The end is always silent.



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