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Sunday, July 29, 2007

die Vollkommensch

  • Computer Programmer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer or knows these stuff.
  • Walks fast.
  • Good speaker but knows when to listen.
  • Knows how to make good coffee.
  • Knows how to cook good food or knows how to eat good food.
  • Good singer or great dancer.
  • Speaks with the eyes.
  • Speaks more than three languages.
  • Replies as soon as possible.
  • Calls just so I don't worry.
  • Asks about my day.
  • Can speak about his own day.
  • Doesn't mind me rummaging through stuff.
  • Doesn't mind me going alone.
  • Knows the basic bed-stuff.
  • Wouldn't mind changing positions.
  • Doesn't open his eyes when we kiss.
  • Keeps me involved.
  • Gets along with my friends.
  • Helps me get along with his friends.
  • Wouldn't leave me for a video game.
  • Wants to be my best friend.
  • First to offer me a hanky.
  • Knows his goals.
  • Plans well, but knows when to break plans.
  • Spontaneous.
  • Keeps me surprised.
  • Has me on Number 2 speed dial.
  • Can spell my last name the first time he tries.
  • Owns a pair of comfortable walking shoes.
  • Doesn't mind me doing things alone.
  • Doesn't mind doing things alone.
  • Knows how to argue well.
  • Tilts my head on his shoulder on long trips.
  • Can blabber about current topics.
  • Philosophically inclined.
  • Puts family first.
  • Knows his way.
  • Can style my hair.
  • Isn't afraid to try new stuff.
  • Can teach me new stuff.
  • Can bear AMs.
  • Great to wake-up with in the morning.
  • Can dance in the rain.
  • Writes my name on the emergency list.
  • Swims.
  • Has a fireman tendency.
  • Doesn't need reminding.
  • Doesn't hold back.
  • Can push me.
  • Can lift me.
  • Can carry me.
  • Can tell me to work my ass!
  • Celebrates the small stuff.
  • Secretly reads my blog.
  • Helps me improve.
  • Wants me to help him improve.
  • Knows the time.
  • Killer smile.
  • Knows what I like.
  • Lets me know what he likes.
  • Wouldn't want a Mit einer Bettgeschichte.
  • Giggles when he hears "Ich bin verrückt nach Dir" and returns the compliment.
  • Can say "Mahal Kita" instead of "I Love You."

Ai! Ich drücke die Vollkommensch dieDaumen.



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