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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Revelation 1.0

I guess you all know it by now.

School year 2007-2008 has come. The year I was set to graduate. The year when I march towards the end of my academic life. Unfortunately, some things are always unexpected.

No, I won't be graduating this year. Yes, I will have to endure another year. No, I didn't get debarred. Yes, I will continue my studies. No, I won't be going to school this semester. Yes, I feel so screwed.

Allow me to plunge myself in the illusion that you want to know how all of these things happened...

Milk, Basketball and the Storm

This whole thing started when I decided that I was bored with school. First semester, A.Y 2006-2007: I was constantly late in all my classes; I often didn't attend the boring ones. And I was pre-occupied with the things I'd rather do.

One day, a huge project came to my lap. I was a big break for me and my design career: a contractor asked me to do a project for this multi-national brand involving an interactive CD for kids. I was thrilled. For the first time in my life, I had gotten a six-digit deal. I thought everything was going to be great.

But I failed everything. I had no sleep. I had little time for anything else. And most of all, my academics were suffering.

And that isn't all. I caught school-spirit fever. I watched every basketball game I could. I was in Araneta instead of somewhere else. I thought that I should be there--not anywhere else.

So when the storm came and blew away my entire life, I was left alone. I didn't know what to do. I was shocked. I was devastated. I was thrown to the deepest bowels of my sanity.

Most of you never knew, and will never know, how awful I felt during those days. I never told anyone; I never wanted pity. And I know you all hated me.

And so one thing led to the other, one failure brought forth the next. My academics slowly dwindled into nothingness. I knew that this would happen, I always had. But the truth is, I never told anyone.


To most of you, my decision to not enroll for this semester seems to be too naive. Of course, I never expected everyone to understand my decisions.

Trust me, I have thought of this matter over and over, and the only logical answer I get, aside from the fleeting ideas of my suicide, is to take a breather. And this is exactly what this is. A time for me to breathe.

My decision to not to come to school this semester is not an escape from the problem of my academics. Although I now regard my choice of journalism as a huge lack of foresight, I am wise enough to know that I have invested so much. And I do not plan to waste this investment.

To be honest, I am not really into the my own plans of going back to UST next semester. But then again, things are always unexpected.



At 12:52 PM , Blogger mocha choco fudge said...

does that mean hindi ka na namin makikita dito sa UST? eh puke ka pala eh! hoy! maraming maghahanap sa sayo dito! atkilala mo yung mga yun gago!

may ticket na ako sa unang laro ng UAAP from mendoy (bf ni tek)... july 7 ata...

At 1:03 PM , Anonymous dyeymaru said...



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