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Friday, October 13, 2006

One Big Bite.

I'm still wondering why up to this time, some of my Ateneo friends (or is that, former-friends?) are still fussing over the UAAP result. Well, please don't mind this post if you're not interested in the topic or if you might be offended. I'm just trying to air out my views.

First, don't send me messages saying that it was all a big set-up. Mind you, I believe you yourselves created the illusion that your school is better than mine, you have told me that over and over again. You yourselves have placed an air of prestige, royalty and grandeur around your university. So why are you trying to tell me now that we bribed referees and high-ranking people from the UAAP?! If your school is better than mine, or more royal, more prestigious, more grand, how the hell could you not have known the dealings of a "weak, hypocritical" school?!

Secondly, I believe that you know it in your heart that even I was doubting whether or not we would win. This only means that even I was surprised with the result, although it was a pleasant surprise. I was never too confident that we would surely win. Unlike you guys. And please, try to look at the results.

Lastly, please stop fussing! It's almost been two weeks already since the finals, and frankly, the school spirit is slowly turning into vapor. I don't know how big your egos can be, but I am sure that you're not someone who's too shallow to accept the results. Duh? It's just a game.

And for all you other people still making a big deal out of the results of the UAAP finals, please! Get a life! It's done! It's final! UST won! It's not like the end of the world!

And also, please don't go around bad-mouthing UST. It only shows how low you can go when you really show your true sides. "You may have robbed us of the trophy, but you will never rob us of our dignity" What the fuck? I never knew that the prize of the UAAP Game was the losing team's dignity! And robbery? For the love of everything that is good, we could never rob from you something that was never yours to start with. (And if you're talking about robbery, why not mention how you robbed us of Game 1 victory with a last second miracle?).

Don't think that I'm against Ateneo or Ateneans in general. I'm just against shallow minded individuals who can't seem to accept things as they are (up to this point in time--which is like, so long after the game!).

I said it before, and I'll say it again: We are not happy because Ateneo lost the championship. We are happy because UST won.



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