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Friday, July 20, 2007

Korean Mush Fest

I'll admit it. I love mushy movies (mushies). And that's why you'll be reading this post... Don't worry, I know you love them too.

It doesn't matter where the film comes from—if it's really mushy then you're sure that I'll watch it. I'll even cry and giggle at every mushy moment. Of course, you won't see me doing that; I need to be alone to fully appreciate a mushy film.

Since I'm really biased when it comes to mushiness, I only watch mushies from the US and Korea, and I believe that the best mushies come from the latter. And this is why I wrote this post, to give my Top 5 Korean Mushies.

The Criteria

So what is my criteria for a good mushie?..

  1. Weird and unique storyline. Mushies should be very cliched—since they're about a very overrated subject (ehem, love.). Plus points if the story is so interesting, it can never happen in real life.
  2. Great Script. It's the dialogue that really makes a mushie shine. Mushies should have very mushy dialogues, with lines that stick to your head and echo over and over again. Plus points for new takes on cliches.
  3. Great Shots. Mushies should have great cinematography with special emphasis on uber-mushiness. Plus points for scenes with snow and rain.
  4. A Predictable Twist. All mushies should have twists because that's what makes it more interesting, but these twists should be predictable enough. Plus points if you can predict the twist but still stay to watch the whole thing. That's a really good mushie. Also, plus points if someone dies.
  5. Impact. Mushies should stay in your head for a very long time and should give you a chance to discuss it with other people who watched it themselves. Plus points if you'll be able to reminisce about the mushie and still giggle or cry.
  6. Good Weepers. A weeper is a scene that is intended to make a mushie fan cry. Plus points if the weepers make even the eyes non-mushie fans water.

With that criteria, I present my Korean Mushies List.

Top 5: A Bungee Jump of Their Own

The Story: A guy falls in love with a girl. The girl dies and the guys finds her reincarnated. The Twist: The girl is reincarnated into a boy—who happens to be the guy's student. The Verdict: The story is really, really weird and I really like the fact that it's semigay in a way. Great shots and great dialogues. I also love the feeling of desperation for the lead male, which was really heavy in some parts. The final scene, with the bungee jump and the aerial shot is so romantic. And I must admit, I really love the train station scene. Plus Points: Final scene is literally to die for. Line to Remember: "Sorry, I think I came too late" "No, at least you came.

Top 4: Lure of the Wolf

The Story: Two rivals fighting for the love of a girl. The Twist: One of them is the girl's half brother... and he dies. The Verdict: This one had a great impact on me—I was really rooting for the brother and I really wanted the twist to be like a way for them both to be together.. which didn't happen. I also like the fact that the two leading men where strong figures and not the sissy types like in other Korean Mushies. The fight scenes where great and the cinematography is good. I really also liked it that there are actually two weepers: the flight scene and the death scene. All in all, this flick is a great introduction to Korean Mushies. Plus Points: Rain scenes all throughout—even in the fight scene, one lead dies, I cried twice. Line to Remember: "Nuna [Older Sister], in our next life, don't be my sister."

Top 3: Sad Movie

The Story: Four interwoven stories of different kinds of love. The Twist: One gets unrequited love, one ends up breaking with himself, one dies of cancer and one dies in a fire. The Verdict: I must admit that the first part of the movie wasn't in any way sad. In fact, it's a very comical movie. But as the movie progressed, the conflicts show up and the characters start to become more interesting. There is also that haunting sense of foreboding sadness throughout the whole film, which makes it very interesting. Cool use of a single song that is played all throughout the film. I love the scene where the guy ends up breaking with himself and the scene when the mother blew the whistle for the last time. The title of the movie isn't really misleading—it is really a sad movie. Plus Points: Several rain scenes, two people die, really haunting at some points, I cried twice. Line to Remember: There's no line to remember—for this movie, actions speak so louder.

Top 2: A Millionaire's First Love

The Story: A rich kid needs to move into the province and graduate before he can get his inheritance. He falls in love with a girl. The Twist: The girl is actually his childhood sweetheart, she has a heart condition wherein she'll die of too much love.. and she dies. The Verdict: I love it! I loved it so much that my eyes were so red after the movie. It's one of those movies wherein you'll really feel the sadness and where you'd really wish there was a happy ending. It's like, the quintessential uber mushy film. Plus points for the rain and snow scenes and the graduation scene still gives me shivers. Plus Points: Rain and Snow scenes (with the snow scene being an integral part of the story), uber mushy lines, the girl dies, I cried trice. Line to Remember: "Do you know why people close their eyes when they kiss?" "It's because they are both blinded by each other's brilliance." "In that moment that my eyes are closed, I'll miss you."

Top 1: The Classic

The Story: Too complex to tell. The Twist: Too many to list. The Verdict: A classic! It's one of those films that even non-mushies appreciate. The story is so complex and so twisted that you'll have a hard time remembering all the details, but the main points get stuck in your head like lettuce in your teeth. It is also unique in that it happens through a narative spanning two different time frames. The shots were really great and the music was so inspiring. The twists weren't that predictable which made it much more exciting. And most of all, its a flick that'll really make you wet.. your eyes that is.. Hahaha Plus Points: Great Rain scenes, several twists, I didn't cry—I wept so hard. Line to Remember: "I opened the window today. The romantic breeze signalled the coming of autumn. I'll put that in a letter and send it to you. "

Final Words

So there, that's my Top 5 list for the best Korean Mushies. If you're a bit weirded out as to why My Sassy Girl, Windstruck and Il Mare are left out, it's because they're too overrated and to tell you the truth, they didn't pass my criteria.. Hehe.. Post you comments now!



At 6:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you tried "A Moment to Remember"?

try it if you haven't


At 8:24 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess im gonna have to check them out. Personally "He was Cool" turned me on to Korean love films, now im hooked. Check out "A Romance of their Own" if you haven't already. Twisted good..


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